Mountain Biking Tips For a Safe Ride


Mountain biking is a sport that is definitely NOT for the faint hearted. These mountain biking tips are here to help you to make it a safe enjoyable sport.

Sometimes called all terrain biking it has become more and more popular over the years as a sport and there are more and more mountain biking trails being made all the time to accommodate the growing sport.

Although this sport is not for everyone (the riders do have a higher rate of injury than most) The safety equipment is far better than for road cycling as it has to protect the riders from more violent falls in forest areas etc.

If you want to take up mountain biking for fitness than it will work better for you as mountain biking works all of the muscles in the body and not just the lower half of the body like road cycling traditionally does.

Here are some mountain biking tips for you if you want to start mountain biking seriously.

Get a good set of brakes on your bike.

Mountain Biking Tips
Even performance sports cars have the same thing in common, they can accelerate fast but also brake fast too and the same goes for a mountain bike. You want to be able to brake fast in case of trouble so get good brakes on your bike for your safety.

Learn how to use your gears properly.

Mountain Biking Tips
Low gears are easier to pedal, but slow on acceleration. High gears are much harder but will give you abrupt acceleration. Using the high gears will help to climb hills and the lower gears are used on the flatter faster levels. The trick is to start slowly and increase the gears as you gain speed.

Learn the instant turn.

Mountain Biking Tips
This is somewhat tricky but once you learn it it can save you a lot of injury. To make a sharp left turn then steer sharply to the right then make a hard left turn. This will make your body lean left and steer away from trouble. Takes some practice mind but is well worth it.

Get the right suspension.

This is another important detail as it will protect you and your bike when going over large bumps. Dual suspension absorbs the bumps and lets the bike move more easily over rough terrain without bumping up and down all of the time, so invest in good suspension if you are serious about biking in the mountains.

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Check your bike.

ALWAYS check your bike over before going out on a trail and check your own safety equipment too. Don’t forget gloves and pads.

Keep your senses fully alert.

A moment’s lack of concentration on the trail can lead to a serious fall and injury. You can still go crazy but keep your concentration.

Keep yourself hydrated.

Mountain Biking Tips
You will be surprised how much you dehydrate whilst mountain biking. Water is the best option but energy drinks are also good. Never take soda, coffee or caffeine tea with you as this will only make you thirstier.

Always ride with a group.

Mountain Biking Tips
It is just plain suicidal or having a death wish to ride alone. The group makes riding fun and safe and if you have an accident then there are people there to help you. So So important to ride in a group.

Travel light.

Don’t carry a large bag around on your back; just bring the essentials such as first aid kit, tire repair kit, multi-tool kit, enough food and water, flashlight, matches and some clothes. Do not forget to bring a cellular phone or a satellite phone – it is your saving grace in case something bad happens.


Mountain Biking Tips
Make sure that you have a pair as it protects your eyes and also helps your vision when going down the mountain trails in all weather conditions.

Don’t be over confident.

Know your own abilities and stick to them, do not let your ego get the best of you and don’t show off.

These mountain biking tips are by no means set in stone but just a guide for you so you can enjoy mountain biking and really have some safe fun too.